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Small Nicholson's pub in the City, near Mansion House Station, situated on a nice paved street (corner of Bow Lane and Watling Street). It's very close to another, larger Nicholson's pub, Williamson's Tavern.

The interior has dark wood which gives the pub a warm feel and the big window areas let you enjoy the street lights. Entry is into a busy bar area with not much space to sit, but there's another room at the back — the route to this is not obvious, as you need to go around the right-hand side of the bar to find it.

On Kake and Aurelien's visits (most recently in June 2012), service has been swift and friendly.

Note that like many City pubs, it has restricted opening hours on the weekends. According to the Nicholson's website as of June 2012, food is served 10am-10pm Mon-Fri, noon-7pm Sat, and noon-4pm Sun.

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Last visited by Kake, June 2012. Opening hours taken from the Nicholson's website, June 2012.

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