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Decent all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet near Westferry DLR in Poplar.

They proudly proclaim in large letters across the window that they don't use any MSG in their food.

The buffet prices vary; it's more expensive in the evenings and at weekends, but cheaper prices are charged for children under the height of 140cm. A commenter tells us that as of January 2011 the Sunday lunchtime price is £7.50. The AYCE offer includes desserts. As of September 2009, takeaway is £4.60 per container; there is notionally a £1 surcharge for overfilling, but the criterion seems to be "if you can get the lid on it's not overfull".

Bradders has very regularly used Wing's as a takeaway, and also dined in several times. The food is invariably excellent, with the cashew nut chicken being particularly notable. I've taken several serious foodies into here; they may raise their eyebrows on the way in at the rather greasy-spoon ambience, but one mouthful and they've all become instant converts!

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Last visited by Bradders, September 2009. Opening hours determined by bob on a visit in March 2007.
OS X co-ord: 537032 OS Y co-ord: 181017 (Latitude: 51.511468 Longitude: -0.026705)
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