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Comment added by Kake: St Austell Tribute (£3.05/pint), Young's Winter Warmer, couple of others. Bare flkoorboards, maybe three or four tables, mostly standing room only. There seem to be separate entrances for the public bar and the other side, but they cionnect to each other at the back. I think there might be a dartboard at the back. Rock music playing, but relatively quietly. About 20 people in at 4:30pm on a Monday.
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Young's pub right next to Borough Market.

Note: The Fancyapint review linked below notes that the Wheatsheaf will be closed and demolished in January 2009, due to work associated with the Thameslink upgrade.

It serves food, but it's not clear at what times (the website has no further details of food).

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Opening hours taken from Young's website, February 2008.

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