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[http://www.london-eating.co.uk/6412.htm Reviews from London Eating]

VitaOrganic is a 100% vegan upmarket cafe/restaurant on Wardour Street in Soho. It tries to sell organic, gluten free, no sugar food. Some food is live.

It sells food by the 'scoop' at lunchtime. Four scoops half filled a large box and cost #5 to take out (more to eat in). A variety of hot food was available and some salads. Dressing on the salad cost 20p extra. They had raw vegan chocolate cake for #4/slice (eat out).

The selections of hot vegetables were labeled things like (something) chakra. There wasn't any explanation.

secretlondon had a takeout box in August 2008. The food was nice, but it was pricier than Beatroot and some of the stuff triggered her Bullshit Detector. If you are into raw wholefoods you'd probably love it though.

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