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* [https://www.flickr.com/photos/kake_pugh/48451718137/ Photo of the menu as of August 2019]
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Vegan cafe on Brick Lane, run by an Italian-Korean couple. The menu has an interesting mix of Italian and Korean influences, including kimchi lasagne. It's quite small inside, with seating for a dozen people at a push. They have another branch in Seven Sisters.

Kat visited on a Wednesday lunchtime in November 2017. A takeaway bibimbap (rice and three types of kimchi with fresh spinach leaves) was £7.50. The rice was pretty good and well seasoned. The pickled daikon kimchi wasn't really to my taste but both the red cabbage and spicy carrot kimchis were much better. The staff were friendly and eager to explain the menu, and a tap water dispenser and glasses were available on the counter. It's cash-only but the staff were happy to direct me to the nearest free ATM (take care as there are closer ones that charge a fee).

Kat's verdict: An expensive lunch for the area but the quality of the ingredients was good. I'd come back and try the kimchi lasagne if I was feeling more adventurous.

Accessibility: A low step to get in. Couldn't see any customer toilets.

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Last visited by Kat, November 2017.

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