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The Trafalgarr was a pub in [[Locale South Wimbledon|South Wimbledon]]. According to the Aug/Sep 2021 <cite>London Drinker</cite>, it has now closed for good.
Good Beer Guide pub serving a range of beers. HSB is normally on.
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The information below is retained for historical purposes.
The pub is quite small but you can normally find a table. Full of locals normally.
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Pub in [[Locale South Wimbledon|South Wimbledon]], serving a range of real ales. In mid-2014 it was taken over by a team from the [[Hope, SM5 2PR|Hope]] in Carshalton.

The pub is quite small, but following the takeover the space has been improved by the removal of several annoying bits of partitioning to make it seem a lot larger than it used to be.

[[bob]], Phil, and [[Martin]] visited
on a Wednesday evening in July 2014. All of the tables were in use by the time we left at 8:30pm, but getting one earlier hadn't been a problem.

There were five real ales (around &pound;3.50/pint), one cider, and one key keg on as well as several more interesting lagers.

[[bob]]'s verdict: The takeover has improved the pub, which was getting a bit tired and the choice of beer had been dwindling.

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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[bob]], Phil, and [[Martin]], July 2014.</div>
address='23 High Path, SW19 2JY'
category='Good Beer Guide 2007,Good Beer Guide 2008,Good Beer Guide 2009,Good Beer Guide 2010,Good Beer Guide 2011,Good Beer Guide 2012,Good Beer Guide 2013,Good Beer Guide 2014,Good Beer Guide 2016,Good Beer Guide 2017,Good Beer Guide 2018,Good Beer Guide 2019,Good Beer Guide 2020,Good Beer Guide 2021,Now Closed'
Lunch served on weekdays.
address='23 High Path'
category='Food Served Lunchtimes,Good Beer Guide,Good Beer Guide 2007,Pubs'
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formatted_website_text='http://www.thetraf.com/ '
hours_text='noon-11pm Mon-Tue; 11am-11pm Wed-Fri; noon-11pm Sat-Sun'
locale='SW19,South Wimbledon'
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opening_hours_text='noon-11pm Mon-Tue; 11am-11pm Wed-Fri; noon-11pm Sat-Sun'
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summary='Now closed; was a pub in South Wimbledon.'
website='http://www.thetraf.com/' website=''
postcode='SW19 2JY'
summary='Good Beer Guide pub near South Wimbledon'
website='http://www.thetraf.com/' website=''

Good Beer Guide pub serving a range of beers. HSB is normally on.

The pub is quite small but you can normally find a table. Full of locals normally.

Lunch served on weekdays.

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