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A tea shop for tea geeks, just to the north side of Spitalfields Market.

While much of the shop space is taken up by displays of packaged tea and tea paraphernalia, there's also a decently-sized tea bar/counter, with eight bar stools. While the bar stools aren't too uncomfortable, they would be a little tricky for the mobility-impaired, and there was no alternative seating in evidence.

At the tea bar, most teas are priced at £3.50 or £5 per pot, with rarer teas (e.g. gyokuro) at £7. (Kake tried the Snow Jewel, at £5.) Each tea is brewed in its own particular pot; water temperature is controlled by thermometer and brewing time by timer. You're given three infusions per pot, and the staff member on duty behind the bar will keep track of when to start and stop brewing, and will pour your tea into a small jug for you when it's ready for serving.

Little sweet snacks are available to accompany your tea; walnut and miso biscuits, matcha financier, and fruit financier are all £1.50, while yuzu chocolate cake is £3.50. They also have chilled teas for the hot weather.

The ambience is nice and peaceful, and conducive to lingering. Background music is unobtrusive without being boring.

Kake's verdict: I will come back; this is perhaps my favourite London tea shop so far. Though I'm not keen on the stools.

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Last visited by Kake, 23 June 2008. Opening hours verified with staff on that visit.

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