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The Stockpot was a restaurant serving about the cheapest meal you were likely to find in Soho or anywhere thereabouts. It closed in late 2015.

The information below is retained for historical purposes.

A restaurant serving about the cheapest meal you're likely to find in Soho or anywhere thereabouts, and it's not bad either.

The menu sticks to the tried-and-tested, as befits a place which has been around since the 1950s. Food is broadly European, with pasta dishes and omelettes dominating the menu. There's a set menu of £5.95 for two courses which is available at all times. Tap water is also happily provided, though a half-bottle of the perfectly drinkable house wine costs £5.30.

Service is brisk and efficient, with no unnecessary waits. As such turnover of customers is fairly rapid and there's not usually any trouble getting a table.

My friend's omelette was cooked just right, while my vegetarian lasagne was filling and tasty (even if the presentation was merely functional).

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