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As the page title implies, this is the tap room for the Southey Brewing Company, a microbrewey in Penge.

It’s just a simple one-room affair, with quite basic fittings. There has been little attempt to make it look stylish (beside the bar is a framed review, saying the tap room is not much better than a shed). Tables and seating look like they were installed by a competent DIY-er or a carpenter in a hurry. There is a window in the room looking through into the brewery room, all part of the same (Victorian?) brick building.

NB: the building is actually down an alley off Southey Street. To get to it, enter Southey Street from the High Street and take the first right (about 30 metres along). Enter "Southey Brewing Co" into Google Maps to pinpoint the building exactly.

Rowley Birkin QC visited on mid-afternoon on a Saturday in February. The only other people there were a small family who left after a few minutes. The bar was staffed by someone (the brewery manager/owner?) who continually popped in and out, preoccupied with brewery matters. There were two cask taps: one for their bitter, and one for their pale. Each (£3.50/pint) was very good. Some other drinks were available. Unidentifiable music was playing quietly in the background.

There is no WiFi. There are a few shelves with a small assortment of books and games. A few random framed pictures. No television. No food, just sweets in a small box on the bar.

Accessibility: a step to get in, otherwise level. Toilet is a reasonable size, but wouldn’t accommodate a wheelchair. As the building is down an alley, navigation by vehicle, or by infirm people, or after dark, could be difficult.

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