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Small knitting shop in [[Locale Fulham|Fulham]], specialising in sock yarn. Note that despite the address, the entrance (pictured) is on Tetcott Road. You can also get to it through the main entrance of Worlds End Studios <small>[http://www.flickr.com/photos/kake_pugh/3589660286/ photo]</small> round the other side on Lots Road.
Small knitting shop in [[Locale Fulham|Fulham]], specialising in sock yarn.
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address='Worlds End Studios, 132-134 Lots Road'
address='132-134 Lots Road'
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Small knitting shop in Fulham, specialising in sock yarn.

Although the shop is situated a good ten minutes' walk from Fulham Broadway Tube station, there are comprehensive directions on the website (recommended if you are unfamiliar with the area). The shop is closed on some Saturdays - the website is frequently updated with details.

Kat and friends visited in March 2009 and were delighted to find a wide range of unusual sock yarns in various materials (including camel and bison hair!). All the yarn we looked at was handspun and hand-dyed. There were also some interesting accessories (extra-small needles, specialist detergent, highlighter tape) and a small selection of books.

We took up the offer of a cup of tea and the opportunity to wind our recently-purchased skeins into balls - there is seating both indoors and outdoors; bringing along your own knitting is encouraged.

The shop runs a number of courses and off-site meet-ups, details are given on the website.

Last visited by Kat, Sarah and Jo, 15 March 2009. Opening hours taken from website, March 2009.

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