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A decent pub to the south of Stoke Newington.

dhyandeva notes that it is frequented by musicians who make their own instruments from wood found in skips, performance poetry organisers, builders, bus drivers, and locals. On Ewan's visit on a Saturday evening, the place was packed and noisy, but in a pleasant way, though finding space to sit was difficult.

The wall poster for a Catalan liqueur reminds dhyandeva of his time in Barcelona. There is also an open fire, and a bloody great nude statue stuck halfway up the wall.

There are several handpulls for ale, mostly serving Fuller's, as well as a few decent draught lagers.

There are seats out the front, and a small semi-covered and heated garden area, which I found out the other day is somebody else's front door!

Good jukebox, good pub quiz Monday nights. According to a sign seen outside in December 2008, the quiz is every Monday from 9pm, and the prizes are drinks vouchers and a cash jackpot.

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Last visited by Ewan, Kat and others, 13 February 2010. Opening hours taken from Time Out website, April 2008.

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