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Korean supermarket in Golders Green, located on Golders Green Road a short walk from Golders Green Station.

It's part of a small chain which also has three stores in New Malden. It does a small selection of Japanese groceries as well as a larger selection of Korean food.

Kake visited in October 2009 and noted various interesting things including salted duck eggs, several kinds of fresh tofu, fresh vegetables, noodles, spices, grains (e.g. millet), a display of alcohol that might have been Korean soju or Japanese sake (or possibly some of both), and freezer items including unagi and various cuts of meat. It's not an enormous shop, but it is a decent size for a high-street Asian supermarket.

Last visited by Kake, 6 October 2009. Opening hours taken from sign on door, October 2009, and confirmed with the Seoul Plaza website.

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