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Fitzrovia branch of the South Indian vegetarian-only restaurant chain.

Kat and two friends visited on a Friday lunchtime in February. Although the front of the restaurant was very busy, there were still empty tables near the back at 1pm. After a brief wait for our order to be taken, the service was efficient and friendly. The waiters were happy to provide tap water.

There is a lunchtime thali menu offer available, however we opted for a main course from the menu (plus a poppadom each). This came to around £8 each (including tip but excluding drinks). Kat had a delicious lentil pancake with onions cooked into it, which came with a dish of vegetable curry to pour over it. The dosas were also deemed very tasty.

Ewan has had the takeaway lunch box from them (most recently in early-2009), which is around £3 and provides a couple of small curries, some raita, salad, rice, and a small paratha bread. It's not enormous, but is filling enough for the price and comes in its own special segmented container.

Verdict: Kat would like to return and eat some more pancakes.

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Last visited by Kat and others, February 2009.

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