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  • 020 7247 2252
  • 48 Brushfield St, E1
  • Monday - Friday: 7:30am-10:30pm, Saturday-Sunday: 8:30am-10:30pm
  • British, Restaurant

The S&M cafe is sausages and mash - no spanking by goths, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your outlook. It's a nice little restaraunt decorated '50's diner style with bright red checked plastic tablecloths and the atmosphere is relaxed. There is room upstairs which can be booked for a large party.

There are few locations,(Essex and Portobello Rds) but I visited the Brushefield St, E1 location near Liverpool St.

Starters and mains are traditional, but most people go for the S&M mix and match for £8.25 - that is, you pick out 3 sausages (loads of different including vegetarian) from the menu or the sausages of the week menu, a mash, a gravy, and a veg. I had 3 veggie sausages - spinach & mature cheddar, glamorgan, and another one I can't remember because it was a few months ago and the menu has changed - but all were gorgeous and I was pleased that the glamorgan featured on the sausage of the week menu. I had spring onion & herb mash, onion gravy, and mushy peas and it was fantastic.

I really want to go again for breakfast sometime, because I love my veggie soss and that is the one thing that I crave when having a fryup and that is most likely not to be on little greasy spoons' menus. I don't know the vegan-ness of the sausages, obviously cheesy sausages are not!

The menu is available as a PDF on their website.

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