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Turkish restaurant in Epping. It also has a branch in Hackney, and at the time of writing is in the process of opening another one in Brentwood.

This one has a interesting interior with several different areas. The decor is upmarket without being pretentious, and interesting without being garish. Near the entrance is a red velvet banquette area, with small tables set near the windows. The space leads around here past a bar with half a dozen bar stools and a couple of little tucked away cubbyholes for a more private experience. Finally there's a larger dining space with a semi-open kitchen at the back, seating around 36 on comfortably-padded blue velour chairs and banquettes.

Kake visited on a Friday lunchtime in June 2017. There were quite a few people in when I arrived around 12:30pm, more than half-filling the largest dining space, and by 1pm this space was almost full. Some sort of music was playing, but it was very quiet and entirely drowned out by conversation.

I went for one of their breakfast/brunch dishes: menemen (eggs scrambled with tomatoes) with feta (£8 including bread plus £2 for the feta) photo. I'd never had this dish before, so I don't know how this version compares to others, but I thought it was pretty good. The eggs had a relatively loose texture which was good for scooping up with the accompanying fresh, soft flatbread. They were well seasoned too, and had a good tomato flavour. The feta came in large cubes mixed in with the eggs, which worked well; I did suspect it might have got a bit samey without that addition.

Service was welcoming and efficient. Tap water was brought on request, in a jug which was poured for me and then taken away again, though it wasn't too hard to get their attention for a refill later. No service charge was added to the bill.

Child-friendliness: They have at least one highchair (without tray). There were several children in on our visit, ranging from a baby to a couple of preschoolers.

Accessibility: It looks flat at the entrance, but there's a step just inside. The toilets and some of the seating are on the same level, and there's another step to the largest dining area. The ladies' is a single fair-sized cubicle, though the door opens inwards.

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