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Pub near King's Cross/Bloomsbury. It changed hands some time in 2010, and is now run by the same people as Simon The Tanner in Bermondsey.

The interior is mainly one large room, though there's a little nook at the back with more seating and access to a tiny decked smoking area. A reasonably-sized window at the front, mirrors along the wall opposite the bar, and a large skylight towards the back all help to open up the space. A piano stands against the wall near the door, and the BITE comments linked below suggest that they sometimes have someone in to play it. Ample standing room in front of the bar, free of chairs and tables, suggests that they may get quite busy at times.

Kake visited on a Thursday afternoon in March 2011. I was the only customer apart from two others who left shortly after I arrived. Music was playing, fairly eclectic, and at a reasonable enough level for what was after all an empty pub (so no conversation for it to compete with).

There were two real ales on, both from Redemption; Trinity (£3/pint) and Fellowship Porter. The Trinity was fine. There was an interesting cider too, but I forget the details. I also had half a pork pie (£3.50) photo, which was very good; minimal jelly, plenty of meat, and pastry good enough that I almost ate it all (I don't really like pastry).

The food menu, which can be viewed on their website, is minimal — bread, olives, hummous, cold meats, pork pies, and cheeses. Judging by my experience of the pie, it's likely to be of good quality though.

Accessibility: A step up to get in. Level access to the ladies' once you're in. Not sure if there's another step to the smoking area.

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Last visited by Kake, March 2011. Opening hours taken from the Queen's Head website, April 2011.

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