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They have a couple of other branches; one in [[Locale Ilford|Ilford]] and one in [[Locale Upton Park|Upton Park]], though when [[Kake]] visited the Upton Park one in 2009, it wasn't nearly as large or as well-stocked as the Southall branch.
They have a couple of other branches at time of writing (May 2009); one in [[Locale Ilford|Ilford]] and one in [[Locale Upton Park|Upton Park]].
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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[bob]], June 2011.</div>
<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Kake]], [[Ewan]], and [[doop]], 10 May 2009.</div>
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formatted_website_text='http://www.quality-foods.co.uk/ '

Large South Asian supermarket in Southall. It spreads along a stretch of South Road, which runs between the station and the Broadway.

The lengthy frontage extends onto the pavement, with a multitude of fruits and vegetables displayed under a canopy to entice passers-by. More vegetables, fruits, and fresh herbs can be found inside. On a May 2009 visit, Kake counted at least six different types of aubergine; they also had many types of chilli, and seasonal specialties such as Alphonso mangoes, as well as more unusual things like fresh turmeric root, and plenty of fresh herbs including coriander (30p/large bunch), dill, and methi (fenugreek).

Huge as the vegetable selection is, it's only the start. Vast sacks of flour and rice are stacked up to one side near the checkouts. Further in are spices (including chaat mixtures and paan ingredients, as well as the more everyday ones), dried and canned goods (if you ever wanted to buy a 2.5kg can of chickpeas, this is the place to go), and an entire aisle of ghee. They stock jaggery, kulfi, and Indian sweets too, as well as various items of Indian kitchenware.

They have a couple of other branches at time of writing (May 2009); one in Ilford and one in Upton Park.

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Last visited by Kake, Ewan, and doop, 10 May 2009.

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