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* [http://www.eatingeast.co.uk/2011/02/16/interview-chocolatier-paul-a-young-2/ Eating East interview with the founder]

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Posh chocolate shop near Bank Station in the City. The original branch is on Camden Passage in Islington, and they also have a branch on Wardour Street in Soho.

Their focus is on chocolate truffles made with fresh ingredients; these are not long-life, but should be eaten as soon as possible after purchase and at the most within a week. Some of the truffle flavours are produced year-round, while others are seasonal.

Kake visited in March 2011 and bought a selection of truffles (£15 for nine of your choice) to share with Sarah and Jo. Port and stilton truffles were disappointingly lacking in stilton-ness; none of us could detect it, which was a bit of a let-down to our expectations. Sea-salt caramel truffles were better, with a beautifully fresh dairy taste. Cassis truffles were also good, with a complex, not-too-sweet flavour.

They also offer hot chocolate to take away (£3.95 for a decent-sized takeaway cup); you can customise this to your liking with the half a dozen spices on offer. It wasn't bad, but far too sweet for Kake's taste, making it something of a struggle to finish.

Accessibility: A step up to get in, and it's quite small inside.

Getting here: Despite the address, it's not actually accessed from inside the Royal Exchange; the frontage is on the pedestrianised passage running between Threadneedle Street and Cornhill, on the opposite side of the Royal Exchange from Bank Station.

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Last visited by Kake, March 2011. Opening hours taken from the Paul A Young website, March 2014.

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