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According to Scores on the Doors the full name of this stall is Pan Tao Garden - Halal Chinese Food - £1, £2 box. That really tells you all you need to know!

It's a stall in Tooting's Broadway Market selling warm boxes of Chinese food for £1, £2 and £3. Noodles and rice are £1. Things in sauce (with or without rice) are £2, and duck and some others are £3.

secretlondon has been a few times. There are communal picnic tables in the market if you want to eat in. The food will not win any awards but it is classic Anglo-Chinese takeaway thing-in-sauce and it does it as well as anywhere else. Their sweet and sour chicken was fine and better than it should have been for £2 a box. They have some things that are a bit more interesting like salt and pepper fish for £3.

Last visited by secretlondon, October 2017.

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