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The Oval Lounge was a bar and cafe in [[Locale Kennington|Kennington]]. It has now closed. As of late 2018 the premises are occupied by a modern British restaurant called [https://24theoval.co.uk/ 24 The Oval].
Bar/cafe in [[Locale Kennington|Kennington]].
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The information below is retained for historical purposes.

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Bar/cafe in [[Locale Kennington|Kennington]].

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* [http://www.myvillage.com/brixton/places/26727-the-oval-lounge My Village comments]
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* [http://web.archive.org/web/20120126094509/http://www.questbenedict.com:80/reviews/the-oval-lounge-oval-sw9 Quest Benedict review]
* [http://www.questbenedict.com/reviews/the-oval-lounge-oval-sw9 Quest Benedict review]
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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Kake]], July 2013.</div>
<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Kake]], July 2013. Opening times taken from the Oval Lounge website, July 2013.</div>
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category='Now Closed'
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hours_text='noon-11pm Mon-Thu; noon-midnight Fri; 10am-midnight Sat; 10am-10:30pm Sun'
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summary='Now closed; was a bar and cafe near the Oval.'
website='' website='http://www.ovallounge.co.uk/'
opening_hours_text='noon-11pm Mon-Thu; noon-midnight Fri; 10am-midnight Sat; 10am-10:30pm Sun'
phone='020 7735 8882 '
postcode='SW9 0JG '
website='' summary='Bar/cafe near the Oval.'

Bar/cafe in Kennington.

It's fairly smart in decor, with a hardwood floor, pale wood tables, and mismatched wooden chairs. It also has outside seating at front and back.

bob and Martin visited on a Friday morning in August 2009, before a Test match at the Oval. There was only one spare table when we turned up, as quite a few had been reserved. Breakfast isn't normally served before 10am, but because of the cricket they were serving it early. We both had the full English breakfast (£7.45) photo and a pot of tea (£1.55). All the ingredients were of a good quality and competently cooked.

Kake visited on a Monday lunchtime in July 2013. Music was playing, not too loud. I was the only customer when I arrived just after opening time at noon, though one other person did turn up for lunch while I was there. I had the eggs benedict with spinach (£7) photo. The eggs were a bit undercooked, to the point where part of the white was still liquid. The hollandaise sauce was OK, though I'd have preferred a little more of it. The spinach and muffin were both fine.

Accessibility: Several steps to get in. Toilets are in the basement, down a straight flight of stairs with a rather wobbly handrail on one side.

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Last visited by Kake, July 2013. Opening times taken from the Oval Lounge website, July 2013.

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