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A juice bar and cafe in Brixton Village, offering entirely vegan and organic fare.

The main food options are sandwiches (made to order, £2.50), hot soups (£3), and "live" foods (uncooked dishes, typically £3.50). There is also a selection of cakes (from the Heavenly Cake Company) and "raw" sweets. There is also an extensive range of juice mixes (£2.50 or £4.50), "liquid food juices" (thicker vegetable-based juice mixes at £3 or £5), smoothies (£3 or £5) and hot teas (£1.80).

It's a small venue with a step up to the interior, where there is seating for six people at most. Two tables in the covered avenue outside provide space for another eight.

On an October visit, itsbruce found that his initial choices for food and drink had not yet been prepared (at 12:30pm); his second choices were couscous salsa (£3.50) and a beetroot juice mix (£2.50). The "salsa" was a moderate (but not mean) serving of couscous mixed with nuts, raisins, sprouted seeds and raw carrot, garnished with hummus. It was quite pleasant and filling but itsbruce has eaten live food that was more imaginatively flavoured and presented. The beetroot juice mix (apple juice and ginger were the recognisable additions) was nicely balanced on the edge between savoury and sweet.

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Last visited by itsbruce, October 2011. Opening hours taken from sign on door, April 2016.

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