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A perfectly nice cafe that sits on the corner of Dawes Road and Munster Road in Fulham.

It serves the standard array of fry-ups, which are delivered frighteningly quickly by cheery staff. Set breakfasts are around the £4.20–£4.40 mark and tea or coffee is extra. This cafe has been uncharitably called the "OCD Cafe" due to it being very clean and tidy and the condiments lined up in their designated spots on the tables. It does at least ensure that the kitchen will be spotless.

On Peter's last visit he had a set breakfast of toast (two slices), bubble (rectangular, presumably machine-made), bacon, tinned tomato, poached egg and something else he forgets — a change from the chips-with-everything fare. It was very tasty.

It is, annoyingly, closed on Sundays.

Last visted by Peter, 7 May 2008.

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