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Decent dim sum (photo), with the trollies (photo) and everything. Come early (noon) to avoid the queues.

They even do a smaller selection of dim sum in the evenings now, though without the trollies (about 14 dishes, including pork and prawns in beancurd skin, grilled pork dumplings, rice and pork steamed in lotus leaf, har gao, and prawn or vegetable cheung fun). Kake thinks the portions may also be smaller in the evening —. Most of the things we ordered only had two pieces, and I'm sure I remember the lunchtime portions having three or four pieces per order. This would make sense, since they probably get smaller groups in the evening.

On a June 2008 visit, Ewan found that there was nothing vegetarian available from the dim sum trollies except vegetarian spring roll (or at least, if there was, the waitress wasn't forthcoming, though she suggested shark fin dumplings). We did see some cheung fun go past on a plate, but that looked to be a special order. The dim sum plates all had three pieces on them. In the end, I had vermicelli noodles with mixed vegetables (£5.80) from the their noodle/rice menu, and that was fine.

Like many of the restaurants around here, it's very big — seats a few hundred when all the floors are open.

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Last visited by Ewan, Ruudboy and others, 8 June 2008.

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