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An outpost of the Music & Video Exchange chain of second-hand shops, this one at the traditional (if ever-declining) centre of second-hand record shops in Soho, Berwick Street.

The range is fairly good, with lots of vinyl (both albums and singles). CDs are arrayed (without their boxes, just the inlay cards) in stands along one side of the shop. Downstairs is a bargain basement, with a very good selection of marked-down CDs (and lots of dance, techno and quickly-dated vinyl).

Prices are continually marked down, so tend to start quite high when they first come into the shop. Rarities are displayed on the wall, and in locked display cases. Staff are perfectly fine and have been helpful and friendly to me, but as with most second-hand record shops, can sometimes seem judgmental.

Last visited by Ewan, February 2008.

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