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Burmese grocery shop in Tottenham/Upper Edmonton.

It stocks all kinds of interesting dried, canned, and bottled foodstuffs, including fried shredded fish, shrimp paste, tamarind paste, fried garlic, coconut jam, spice mixes, oils, vinegars, snacks (e.g. wasabi peas) and various noodles (instant and otherwise).

It specialises in Burmese foods, including several kinds of the Burmese speciality of pickled tea (lahpet). The proprietor is friendly and helpful, and happy to help novices pick out a few Burmese things to try.

They don't take cards (not sure about cheques).

It was previously located in a small unit photo inside a shopping centre called Plaza N22 photo in Wood Green, but with the demolition of Plaza N22 photo it moved a short distance away to the ground floor of a house in Mannock Road photo. It then moved again to Taylor Close in Tottenham/Upper Edmonton.

Accessibility: Two steps to get in.

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Last visited by Kake, September 2016. Opening hours taken from the Mum's House website, August 2013.

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