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French restaurant in Covent Garden. It bills itself as the oldest French restaurant in London, and it's certainly been around a while.

Have eaten here a few times, though not recently. Very good food; traditional French bistro style rather than ultra-modern, but done very well. I've particularly enjoyed the steak tartare and also the frites (very thin, very crisp, not at all greasy). The cheeseboard is particularly great; they bring out a huge board covered with many kinds of cheese, ask you what you like in a cheese, and pick out three or four types for you.

The wine list is also very good, according to those who know about such things.

The website advertises a four-course regional set meal (around £30) on the second Monday evening of every month; I don't know if this is as well as or instead of the regular menu.

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Last visited by Kake and Bob some time in 2005 or thereabouts. Opening hours taken from the Mon Plaisir website, June 2007.

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