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A cafe not far from Liverpool Street that serves coffee, a variety of teas and soft drinks, and a range of sandwiches and cakes.

The drinks are generally of a good quality and the cakes are excellent. They also do a range of freshly made sandwiches and rolls, daily changing soups and other random lunchy items (quiches, tarts etc). Their toasted cheese, ham and pickle sandwich is rather good. Prices (as of March 2008) are about £4 for a sandwich and £1.50-£2.50 for coffee.

It can get busy and table space is often at a premium - during the week people from nearby offices often take up much of the space for impromptu meetings. They have a minimum charge of £4 during weekday lunches to try and stop this, and encourage people to share tables.

The atmosphere and staff are friendly, which sometimes means service gets a little slow as they happily chat to everyone who comes in.

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Last visited by Billy and Dave, 18 March 2008.

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