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|| [[Locale West Norwood|W Norwood]] || [[Locale Norwood|Norwood]] || [[Crystal Palace Park|Crystal Palace Park]] ||
|| [[Locale Norbury|Norbury]] || Crystal Palace || [[Locale Penge|Penge]] ||
|| [[Locale Thornton Heath|Thornton Heath]] || [[Locale South Norwood|S Norwood]] || [[Locale Anerley|Anerley]] ||

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An area of South-East London.

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Historically, this isn't an area name, but merely the site of the eponymous glass building, re-erected in an open area of Upper [[Locale Sydenham|Sydenham]] overlooking London, which came to be called Crystal Palace Park. However, the name Crystal Palace has since become associated with the area, which is more accurately the borders of Upper [[Locale Norwood|Norwood]], Upper Sydenham and [[Locale Anerley|Anerley]], mostly in [[Locale SE19|SE19]]. It is shared between the London Boroughs of Croydon (to the south-west), Lambeth (north-west), Bromley (south) and Southwark (north-east).

Most of the commercial and social activities take place in a triangle of one-way roads, with Westow Hill along the north side, Westow Street on the west, and Church Road rejoining Westow Hill at the north-western corner of [[Crystal Palace Park]].

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