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*[http://www.toptable.com/en-gb/venue/reviews/?id=8089 Top Table comments] (note that they got a 50% off offer)
*[http://www.toptable.com/en-gb/venue/reviews/?id=8089 Top Table comments]
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This is an all you can eat buffet restaurant in Kings Cross. It has a mixture of food - mainly Indian and Chinese but with some Italian and Thai.

secretlondon visited with some colleagues. I mainly had the Indian which was fine but not as good as a normal Indian buffet. The buffet costs £13.99 on weekdays. The curries were lamb sag, aloo sag, a chicken one and some daal. Drinks are extra - my non alcoholic cocktail was a mixture of carton fruit juices and was £3.95. They have a salad bar and cakes.

We found it very hard to pay and ended up paying one by one at the bar.

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