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Indian restaurant on Aldgate High Street. They bill themselves as specialising in Indian frontier cuisine, originating from the north-west frontier provinces of pre-partition India and focusing on kebabs and other grilled meats.

Bob, ilmari, and Phil visited on a Thursday evening in January 2008. The bill, including five Cobra beers, was £83.15 excluding tip. Perhaps the most interesting dish sampled was the lal mass (£9), "Rajasthan's favourite red hot lamb dish".

The menu is quite short, focusing on "specials" and thalis/set menus rather than offering endless mix-and-match combinations of meats and pre-prepared sauces.

Their vegetable selection looks pretty much identical to any other curryhouse, with the exception of Dal-dera Ismail Khan (£5); "a harmonious combination of black lentils and herbs, simmering on slow charcoal fire". Vegetable dishes are priced between £3.50 and £5, and the vegetarian thali is £10.

They do takeaway and delivery, and you can order online from Urbanbite - according to a menu picked up in January 2008, delivery orders are welcome between 6pm and 11pm Mon-Sun.

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Last visited by Bob, ilmari, and Phil, 31 January 2008. Opening hours verified by email, 1 February 2008.

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