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<a href="http://london.randomness.org.uk/wiki.cgi?Andu_Cafe,_E8_4AH"><img id="featured_article_image" src="https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8723/28293591943_617ed58d38_n.jpg" alt="" title="Andu Cafe, E8 4AH" border="0" width="240" height="320"></a>
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<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/kake_pugh/28293591943/">Image &copy; Kake</a>
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The [[featured article]] for <span style="white-space:nowrap">18 December 2016&#8211;8 January 2017</span> is <div id="featured_article_title">[[Andu Cafe, E8 4AH]]</div>.

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==== What is this? ====

It's a kind of database, kind of review site, used for documenting interesting places in London. Our major obsessions are [[Category Pubs|pubs]], [[Category Restaurants|restaurants]], [[Category Cafes|cafes]], [[Category Bookshops|bookshops]], and [[Category Museums|museums]]. We're also quite interested in places that are [[Category Vegan Friendly|vegan-friendly]] and/or [[Category Step-Free Access|accessible]]. (Check the [[Category Category|All Categories]] link in the sidebar for more!)

We collect structured data on everything we include in the guide, so if you want to find a [[Category Sushi|sushi]] restaurant near a [[Category Cinemas|cinema]], just use our <a href="http://london.randomness.org.uk/scripts/find.cgi">category search</a>. Or if you want to find a [[Category Good Beer Guide|Good Beer Guide]] pub within 500m of [[Victoria Station]], just look <a href="http://london.randomness.org.uk/scripts/pubsearch.cgi?tube_distance=500&tube=Victoria+Station&gbg=1&Search=Search">here</a>.

This is not, and never will be, a commercial guide. We don't accept advertising or freebies, and all reviews are written by our team of [[Category Contributors|contributors]]. Major changes and additions to the site will always be viewable on the [[News]] page, and our <a href="http://london.randomness.org.uk/scripts/stats.cgi">Statistics</a> page gives an overview of how active the site has been recently (specifics can be found in the <a href="http://london.randomness.org.uk/wiki.cgi?Andu_Cafe,_E8_4AH">Recent Changes</a>, which are accessible from the navigation bar on every page).

==== How to use it ====

Type something into the searchbox (top right-hand corner of the page), or try one of the specialised searches linked underneath it, or click on one of the categories in the sidebar, or take a look at [[How To Get Started]].

See also our lists of other [[websites about London]] and [[maps of London]].

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summary='Welcome to the Randomness Guide to London!'

summary='Welcome to the Randomness Guide to London!'

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