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Harry Morgan was a Jewish deli near [[Oxford Circus Station|Oxford Circus]], part of a small chain. This branch closed some time in 2009 or thereabouts, though as of spring 2010 they still have other branches in [[Locale St John's Wood|St John's Wood]], Harrods, and Brent Cross Shopping Centre. As of April 2010, the Oxford Circus location is occupied by a branch of [[Tortilla, SE1 0TA|Tortilla]].
Jewish deli near [[Oxford Circus Station|Oxford Circus]].
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The information below is retained for people who want to know what it used to be like.

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Jewish deli near [[Oxford Circus Station|Oxford Circus]].

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formatted_website_text='http://harryms.co.uk/ '
hours_text='8am-9pm Mon-Fri; midday-6pm Sat; hours variable Sun (phone to confirm)'
locale='Fitzrovia,Oxford Street,W1'
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summary='Now closed; was a Jewish deli near Oxford Circus.'
opening_hours_text='8am-9pm Mon-Fri; midday-6pm Sat; hours variable Sun (phone to confirm)'
phone='020 7580 4849'
postcode='W1W 8AF'
summary='Jewish deli near Oxford Circus.'

Jewish deli near Oxford Circus.

This offers a range of sandwiches and some hot food, plus Jewish deli favourites such as chicken soup and salt beef sandwiches.

The salt beef sandwiches and tongue sandwiches (£5.95) are very good, with an enormous pile of warm, juicy meat on rye bread with mustard and pickles. In both cases, the meat is sliced to order from a large piece kept in simmering liquid, keeping it at its best. The chopped liver sandwich (£4.75) was also good (and included tasty pickles), but the price seems somewhat high for what is basically a liver pate sandwich on plain sliced bread.

Chicken soup (not tried personally) is available plain (£3.25) or adorned (£3.75) with noodles, kreplach, kneidlach or "mixed" (extra chicken, kreplach and kneidlach).

Apparently, this is part of a chain; the original establishment is in St John's Wood and appears to be the basis of the "since 1948" claim.

Last visited by Martin, 21 January 2008. Food prices correct as of that date. Opening hours and phone number taken from website, January 2008.

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