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Greasy spoon and Thai cafe in Hammersmith.

bob visited on a Friday lunchtime in January 2009. They were only serving their Thai lunch menu at this point. They also do breakfasts. They have a fuller Thai menu in the evening.

As normal for Thai restaurants at lunchtime, there is a choice of dishes and you get to pick what meat to have with them. In this case the options were chicken, beef, pork, duck, prawn and seafood (the last three are more expensive).

bob had a beef red curry (£5) photo, which was fine. There wasn't a lot of meat but there was ample rice and quite a bit of sauce. I helped the flavour by adding some of the chillis in oil available on the table. It was certainly filling and wasn't bad for the price. I also had some jasmine (70p) tea which was served in a normal mug.

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Last visited by bob, 2 January 2009.

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