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Bar and Grill just south of Smithfield Market.

bob, elvum, billy, Steve and Phil visited on a Thursday evening in January. The bar and restaurant were full when we turned up at 20:30. Thankfully we had booked a table. This was so we could take advantage of the 50% off January sale on food.

Since it is also bar there is quite an extensive cocktail list. Billy had a Manhattan(£6.95) which he described as almost as good as the ones he makes himself. Steve had a litre bottle Duvel (£10.50) - one of only two (?) non-lagers - which he found to be quite good. We also had a decent enough bottle of Malbec for £18. They brought us 2 jugs of iced tap water when asked.

We had some acceptable bread(£2.75) and olives(£2.75) while deciding what to have.

bob had some really good calamari(£5.95) to start. The flesh was cooked was just right. The batter was light. Tentacles are always fun. Phil and Steve had the chicken satay(£5.95). This was quite a large piece of chicken with quite a decent spicy peanut sauce, although a little dry for Steve's tastes. Billy had Beef Carpaccio(£7.50). elvum had a hot mushroom salad(£5.95)

For his main bob had an 11oz fillet steak rare with chips(£25) with peppercorn sauce(£1.75). The steak was good really well. Charred on the outside and red and warmed through on the inside. The chips were fine. The peppercorn sauce actually tasted strongly of peppercorns. Elvum didn't seem to impressed with his 10oz Sirloin(18.50. He also had a small avocado salad(£5.50). Phil had a Chateau Briand(£39) to himself. It looked kinda small but the bone had been removed. Phil seemed happy with it. Phil also had some roasted beetroot(£2.95). Billy had a Lamb Steak(£15.95).

Bob was happy enough his apple crumble(£9.90). Steve had Sticky Toffee pudding(£5.75) which came with ice cream and was very good without being overly sweet. Elvum haad Melba Mess(£5.50). Billy had Lemon Sorbet(£3.50).

bob feels it was really good at 50% off. At full price it would have been fine. Although the space was noisy and cramped and there was live music later. A guy playing 90s indie hits on guitar.

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Last visited by bob, elvum, billy, Steve and Phil. 29 January 2009. Prices above before discount
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