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The Good Shop was a bar and venue in [[Locale Kilburn|Kilburn]], not far from [[Brondesbury Station]]. According to the Dec 2017/Jan 2018 <i>London Drinker</i>, it closed in October 2017. The comedy nights previously hosted there have [https://twitter.com/GoodShipComedy/status/919167156385976325 moved] to the Colonel Fawcett in Camden.
A bar with late licence in [[Locale Kilburn|Kilburn]], not far from [[Brondesbury Station]] which regularly puts on live music.
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A bar with late licence in [[Locale Kilburn|Kilburn]], not far from [[Brondesbury Station]], which regularly puts on live music.

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* [http://fancyapint.com/pubs/pub2974.html Fancyapint review]
* [https://www.yelp.co.uk/biz/the-good-ship-london Yelp comments
* [http://fancyapint.com/pubs/pub2974.html Fancy A Pint review]
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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Ewan]], March 2008.</div>
<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Ewan]], 4 March 2008.</div>
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category='Now Closed'
category='Bars,Comedy,Live Music,Real Ale'
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formatted_website_text='http://www.thegoodship.co.uk/ '
hours_text='till 2am Sun-Thu; till 4am Fri-Sat'
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website='http://www.thegoodship.co.uk/' postcode=''
summary='Now closed; was a bar and live music venue in Kilburn, near Brondesbury Station.'
opening_hours_text='till 2am Sun-Thu; till 4am Fri-Sat'
phone='020 7372 2544'
postcode='NW6 7JR'
summary='Bar and live music venue in Kilburn, near Brondesbury Station.'
website='http://www.thegoodship.co.uk/' website=''

A bar with late licence in Kilburn, not far from Brondesbury Station which regularly puts on live music.

Obviously if there's a band on, you may find that you have to pay a cover charge for entry, but generally it's not more than £4 or £5, and the bands are usually fairly good (the ones I've seen being of the indie persuasion). The stage area is, oddly, in a small area beneath the main bar, so it's easy for audiences to stand around and watch from above, which I imagine can be quite off-putting for the acts. There's even a seating area high above both the stage and the bar in the back of the room, above where the toilets are housed.

There is, in any case, plenty of space for seating and the bands don't usually attract sell-out crowds here. They have the standard lagers on tap, as well as Hoegaarden and a single solitary pump for London Pride. Other Fuller's bottled beers are available, as well as a full range of spirits (some good brands there: a Bundaberg and coke set me back £3.70; Maker's Mark bourbon with soda was £3.90). Bar staff are perfectly friendly, though it wasn't very busy on my most recent visit.

There are many signs behind the bar making it clear that cards are not accepted. The bar has a cash machine, but for a (non-charging) ATM, the nearest option is Kilburn Station (or the petrol station nearby it).

There's no evidence of food (this is more a bar and live venue than a pub), but they have comedy nights on Mondays. There's a big screen on which they show sports occasionally, and an apparently very impressive jukebox.

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Last visited by Ewan, 4 March 2008.

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