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The special feature of this Thai restaurant is the terrace seating overlooking Portobello Road and Lancaster Road. This makes it a great location in clement weather. On colder or wetter days they use heaters and plastic sheeting to protect the diners; on a hot, wet day this can be unpleasant. All the seating is on the terrace, so you don't get a choice.

The entrance is not obvious from most photographs of the restaurant: it is on Portobello Road, between The Gladys boutique and Madam Sophie's tea room.

The food is acceptable but nothing exceptional, with decent vegetarian options (particularly the salads) in a menu that varies from day to day. Starters and soups at £4.95, main courses mostly at £6.25 or £6.95 and specials at £11.95.

Accessibility: This restaurant is extremely unfriendly to those who are not able-bodied: the restaurant is on the first floor, reached via a spiral staircase, while the toilet is downstairs, on the far side of the staircase. (Suggestions welcome for a good name for a category to cover locations and venues which are the opposite of accessible.)

Last visited by itsbruce, October 2008. Opening hours taken from street sign, October 2008.

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