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Pub in [[Locale Wanstead|Wanstead]].
Pub in [[Locale Wanstead|Wanstead]]. Was in the 2007 Good Beer Guide but not the 2008 one.
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<b>Note:</b> As of October 2013, [http://www.wansteadium.com/2013/10/so-whats-the-deal-with-the-duke-of-edinburgh/ Wansteadium reports] that the Duke of Edinburgh has closed temporarily.

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Pub in Wanstead. Was in the 2007 Good Beer Guide but not the 2008 one.

It has at least one dart board. There's a beer garden of some kind (possibly just a patio), and some picnic benches out the front too.

bob visited on a Wednesday afternoon in May 2011. There were two other customers when I got there around 3pm, and a few more turned up when I was there. Everyone except me seemed to be a regular. The TV was showing a Judy Garland biopic with the sound on quite loud.

There were three real ales available: Young's Bitter (£3.20/pint), Old Speckled Hen, and Courage Best. The Young's was fresh on; I had the first pint out of a new barrel, and the member of staff on duty was careful to make sure that I was happy with it.

Not sure if they do hot meals, but there were rolls available while I was there (ham roll £1.50, bacon roll £1.75).

There's a pub quiz on Thursdays, according to a notice seen in May 2011.

An anonymous commenter informs us that the management changed in mid-2010 (Rita was replaced by Lyn), and also that the pub has wifi, though bob couldn't find a wireless network in May 2011.

Accessibility: Steps to get in. Level access to bar, seating area, and toilets once you're in (not sure about beer garden).

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Last visited by bob, May 2011. Opening hours taken from the 2007 Good Beer Guide.

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