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[[Martin]], [[Bob]] and [[Adam]] visited on 2008-01-10. The beer was good, and the food was good and reasonably priced. [[Martin]]'s pork chop and mash with peas (£6.99) was simple and tasty, and [[Bob]]'s and [[Adam]]'s fish and chips (£7.99) looked excellent. Most food options were around £5.99, and there were three vegetarian options listed (a curry, a nut roast, and something else).

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Good Beer Guide pub in Deptford.

On a Sunday afternoon had five real ales on; two from the Surrey Hills Brewery, two from Fullers, and one from the Wye Valley Brewery. The beers were well kept and tasty. The Shere Drop was £2.45 a pint (March 2007).

The food menu looked pretty standard for a pub.

Has a bar billiards table.

Last visited by AndrewB and Lesley on 2 June 2007. This update is made by wireless.

GPS data collected by bob on a Garmin eTrex, 1 April 2007, and released into the public domain: OSGB 537173, 177901

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