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Note: According to the June/July 2020 <i>London Drinker</i>, the Crown was sold to Young's in March 2020. We haven't visited since, so some or all of the details below might be out of date.

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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[bob]], September 2014.</div>
<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[bob]], September 2014. Opening hours taken from the 2015 Good Beer Guide.</div>
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hours_text='11am-11pm Mon-Thu; 11am-11:30pm Fri-Sat; 11am-10:30pm Sun'
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opening_hours_text='11am-11pm Mon-Thu; 11am-11:30pm Fri-Sat; 11am-10:30pm Sun'

Gastropub in the St Margarets area of Twickenham.

bob visited on a Sunday lunchtime in September 2014. While the pub wasn't rammed, nearly all the tables were taken or reserved. The area by the bar had a couple of tables which were not set up for dining. The beer garden was in quite a bit of use as well.

The Twickenham Sundancer (£3.70/pint) was pleasant. The other beers available were Cornish Coaster, Shere Drop, and Sussex Best.

According to the 2015 Good Beer Guide, there's a courtyard garden, one of the fireplaces has a real fire, there's acoustic music on Thursday evenings, and food is served noon-9:30pm Mon-Thu, noon-10pm Fri-Sat, and noon-9:30pm Sun.

Accessibility: Steps to get in, and steps everywhere once you're in. There's an accessible toilet, but it's a step down from the main bar area.

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Last visited by bob, September 2014. Opening hours taken from the 2015 Good Beer Guide.

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