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Good Beer Guide pub tucked away on a side street in Islington. It's rather untypical of Islington, being small, cosy, and friendly. It looks very small as you enter, but there's another area with seating for about 16 people accessed by going around the left hand side of the bar. It also has a small beer garden (smoking permitted) out the back.

Bob, Kake, and Liz visited on a Saturday evening around 5:30pm; we liked it enough that we came back the same evening around 9pm after dinner at Le Mercury down the road. Although the place was lively enough, we had no trouble getting a table either time. The service was friendly anyway, but got even friendlier when the Welsh barman realised that Kake and Liz were Welsh too. Very nice pub, and quite a find for the area; as well as its general niceness, its location on a side street helps stop it getting too rammed, since you have to know it's there.

There were 4 beers available. Greene King IPA (£2.80), Abbot Ale (£3), Davenports(£3.10) and Batemans XXXB.

Food served noon-2:30pm and 6pm-8:30pm Tue-Fri; noon-4pm Sat-Sun (no food Mondays).

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Last visited by Kake and Bob, 8 December 2007. Opening times taken from the 2007 Good Beer Guide. Food times and details of smoking area verified by phone, 8 July 2007.

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