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A pub near Ealing Common Station.

A large, open room with some large tables along one wall, and smaller ones filling in the space, in what is a fairly modern pub/bar space. Carpet ensures that it retains some cosiness, and pillars block some tables' view of the large wall-mounted screen showing sports at one end of the bar (there's another smaller one near the front window as well). There's a heated smoking area out the front under awnings.

On a cold Saturday afternoon, the place was quite full with people loudly watching a rugby match (New Zealand supporters mostly, it seems), but there were still plenty of tables away from the screen-fixated crowds.

The bar has a range of largely European lagers, including Leffe (£2.80/half), Pilsner Urquell (£3.75/pint), Peroni (£3.95), Amstel (£3.25) and others. They also had London Pride (£3.50/pint), but on tap rather than handpull.

There's a none-too-extensive menu of pub basics, making this a decent, friendly, middle-market suburban pub.

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Last visited by Ewan, Jo and other Tube Walkers, 29 November 2008.
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