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A South African restaurant and bar in Chiswick, opened at the start of November 2008. The original branch is in Putney.

bob and some co-workers visited on a Wednesday lunchtime shortly after its initial opening. bob had the 25oz rump steak challenge (£25) photo and comfortably ate it in under 25 minutes to get the free t-shirt. The steak was very good (certainly in my top 10 ever); cooked perfectly and obviously hung properly given the lack of blood. Jack was more than happy with his surf 'n' turf (£17), while Magnus really enjoyed his springbok loin (£18) photo.

Coke was £2.20 a bottle, and a small bottle of still water was £2.

The premises is split over two levels; the ground floor is the restaurant while upstairs there is a lounge bar doing cocktails. The restaurant area can probably seat 30.

Accessibility: There are no steps to get to the restaurant area, but the bar is up a flight of stairs.

Last visited by bob and co-workers, 5 November 2008. Opening times taken from the Chakalaka website, November 2008.

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