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Independent secondhand bookshop on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton.

Prices start at 20p for the books in the crate just inside the front door; they also have a shelf of books all priced at £1 apiece. Much of the stock is in pretty good condition, and there's a lot of good stuff available around the £3 mark. There's a decent SF/fantasy section, parts of which bore strong resemblance to Kake's own collection. They even have graphic novels.

The focus is on fiction, but they do have some non-fiction too. Female authors are separated out into their own section, as are the various nationalities of non-English authors (including Irish and Scots).

The arrangement within the sections is fairly chaotic, with books double-stacked to make maximum use of the space.

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Last visited by Kake, August 2008. Opening hours taken from the Book Mongers website, May 2019.

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