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Black Cherry Bar was a bar/restaurant on Lordship Lane in [[Locale EastDulwich|East Dulwich]]. It has now closed.

Between May 2012 and Dec 2013 it was a branch of the Draft House pub chain.
It is now being converted into an Italian restaurant.

The information below is retained for people who want to know what it used to be like.

<div class="old_info">A bar on
Lordship Lane, catering more to the cocktail and wine drinkers than beer drinkers. They have no real ales, but Budvar and Erdinger on tap. The wine and cocktail list are, as expected, quite extensive and generally priced around &pound;6-7.

[[Ewan]] visited on a Sunday afternoon, when it was fairly full but not too noisy (I can't comment about how it gets on a weekend evening, but I'm uncertain if I'd feel comfortable visiting at such a time). It suffers the usual problem with East Dulwich during the daytime of being filled with prams and young children, which prevented me eating there on a previous occasion, but was fine on this visit.

However, having returned to try their food (putting further comments about the clientele aside!), I can unhesitatingly recommend it. There were two vegetarian main options (a Spanish frittata with salad, and a wild mushroom risotto, at &pound;6.50 and &pound;7.50 respectively &#8212; not too pricy for this area) and between us we tried both, and they were both delicious. The tart had a lovely crumbly pastry base, and the risotto a creamy texture but not too much so. The side of seasonal vegetables was also surprisingly tasty (given it was just cauliflower and broccoli). Best of all was the dessert &#8212; they have a small but well-shaped list, of which the apple tarte tatin was tasty and the ice-cream uncommonly creamy.

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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Ewan]] and Jo, January 2008. Opening times and prices verified on that visit.</div></div>

A bar in Lordship lane, catering more to the Cocktail and Wine than beer drinkers.
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A bar in Lordship lane, catering more to the Cocktail and Wine than beer drinkers.

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