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Cafe and cake shop on Theobald's Row, near Gray's Inn Fields, opened in early 2008. There's another branch near St Paul's in the City.

Inside, there are a few tables and what looks like a kitchen area up the stairs at the back of the shop. The decor is stylishly dark, though service is friendly.

They have a small selection of salads, quiches and the like, but the focus is clearly on the cakes. A range of spectacular creations is in the window, with all kinds of other ones arrayed along the counter inside — not just cakes, but muffins, biscuits, and a tempting cherry galette.

Having sampled one of their cupcakes (at £1.70 as of February 2008), Ewan can confirm it is a perfect moistness, with a lemony cream topping which isn't overwhelmingly sweet (like the ones from Peyton & Byrne) but light and fluffy. The spinach and stilton quiche I had was also excellent.

Accessibility: A small step up to get in. Not sure if there are further steps inside.

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Last visited by Ewan, 11 Feb 2008. Prices verified on that visit.

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