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[[Sarah]]'s kimchi chi gae (&#44608;&#52824;&#52236;&#44060;; &pound;9) <small>[http://www.flickr.com/photos/rjw1/9042514998/in/set-72157634123983586 photo]</small> was fine; served on the hotter side, which is no bad thing.
[[Sarah]] had the kimchi chi gae (&#44608;&#52824;&#52236;&#44060;; &pound;9) <small>[http://www.flickr.com/photos/rjw1/9042514998/in/set-72157634123983586 photo]</small> and seemed to enjoy it.

Korean restaurant in a basement right next to Holborn Station. Despite the address, the entrance is actually on Kingsway, next to the main station entrance.

It's quite dark inside, though the tables themselves are adequately lit. Seating is provided via a mixture of booths and normal tables.

bob and Sarah visited on a Friday lunchtime in June 2013. The staff had no trouble finding us a table even though it was quite busy.

The menus we were given were clearly for lunchtime only, including a three-page bound menu photo 1, photo 2, photo 3 and a single-page specials menu.

bob had the soon dae gook (순대국; £9.80) photo. Described on the menu as "broth from pig liver & kidneys", this was a soup (gook/국) containing slices of Korean blood sausage (soon dae/순대), liver, kidney photo, and what I think was pig's ear (or something else cartilaginous). It was interesting if perhaps a little challenging for someone who's not the biggest fan of liver. The kidneys and pig's ear were fine. The soon dae photo was probably my favourite part. The broth was quite nice though had a strong whiff of kidneys. There was chilli paste on the side, to be added to taste.

Sarah had the kimchi chi gae (김치찌개; £9) photo and seemed to enjoy it.

Complimentary banchan (small side dishes) arrived along with our food: beansprouts photo, kimchi, and deep-fried tofu photo. The tofu was particularly tasty.

(On a previous visit, bob had the bibimbap, which was pretty good.)

Accessibility: The restaurant is in a basement, down a flight of stairs. There is a lift, but we haven't checked whether this gives full step-free access.

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Last visited by bob and Sarah, June 2013.

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