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[[Category Samuel Smith's|Samuel Smith's]] pub on the river in [[Locale Bermondsey|Bermondsey]]/[[Locale Rotherhithe|Rotherhithe]] borders.
Sam Smith's pub on the river in Bermondsey/Rotherhithe. Apparently pretty good. Juliet or someone please add more details!
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There's a nice lounge upstairs, with sofas and a very good view of the river down to [[Locale Tower Bridge|Tower Bridge]]. The downstairs has old-fashioned-style areas separated by wooden screens with low small doors, but a single island bar in the centre. One side has a dartboard. There are some seats out on the balcony over the river and a comfortable upstairs room with good river views which can be booked. We've never seen this pub really crowded, though I don't think we've ever been in on a Friday or Saturday night.

It's next to a statue of famous (ish!) Bermondsey resident and philanthropist, Dr Salter (and his daughter, and their cat) — see [http://carolineld.blogspot.com/2010/03/random-statue-5-dr-salters-daydream.html Caroline's Miscellany article] — and the remains of Edward III's manor house is across the road.

It sadly only has their keg beer, rather than cask; however, it has both their bitters and they don't suffer all that much from being keg. Other drinks options are standard Sam Smith's.

Food is served, and is reasonably good and reasonably priced; the Sunday roast in particular [http://www.flickr.com/photos/phonophoto/356879546/ seems to be popular]. Note that as of late 2007, the only food available on Sundays is Sunday roast and puddings.

The usual menu has at least one vegetarian option but [[Kake]] is unsure about the vegan options. Chips are available, at the very least, and you could probably get some baked beans with them too, since sausage/beans/chips is on the menu. I don't know if these are the one brand of beans (HP?) that aren't vegan though.

As of July 2010, food is served noon-9pm Tue-Sat and noon-6pm Sun (no food on Mondays), and there's a quiz every Tuesday from 8:30pm (£1 entry).

Bike parking available outside. They've got a car park too.

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<div class="last_verified">Last visited by [[Ewan]], [[Kat]] and others, 3 March 2011. Opening hours and food times taken from signs, July 2010. Food last sampled by [[Kake]] and various knitters, March 2007.</div>

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hours_text='noon-11pm Mon-Sat; noon-10:30pm Sun'
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opening_hours_text='noon-11pm Mon-Sat; noon-10:30pm Sun
phone='020 7394 3214'
phone='+44 (0) 20 7394 3214'

Sam Smith's pub on the river in Bermondsey/Rotherhithe. Apparently pretty good. Juliet or someone please add more details!

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