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* [http://www.biggestjim.com/RestaurantBlog/154FDED4-70EA-492C-834E-19A2BEF5301E.html Biggest Jim's review]

Renowned 'gastropub' on the Cut in Borough, not far from Waterloo Station.

Pub-style surroundings, you can't book and you might get placed on a table with other people (so not good for romantic evening out!) but really super food.

Kake adds: Although it's described in a number of reviews as a gastropub, it really sounds like more of a restaurant than a pub; perhaps not the sort of place where you just pop in for a pint. (Haven't been here though so do say if I'm wrong!)

Ewan comments: The Time Out review suggests that the bar area is separate. It also lists different opening hours from food times, which suggests it can be used just for drinking.

Possibly best to go in a group, as it's famous for its sharing dishes (for four or more).

Marna says: Based on a lunchtime visit, the bar area is separate - tables were set up for eating at one one side, and drinking beer at on the other. When we went there, it was fairly busy, but not so busy that they couldn't fit the six of us in straightaway.

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Opening hours taken from Time Out website, April 2008.

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