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Indian sweet shop in Southall. It's part of a small chain; the original shop is on Drummond Street in Euston, and they also have a branch in Hounslow as well as a number of franchises around London and the rest of the UK.

They have a good selection of Indian sweets - halwa, barfi, ras malai, jalebi, etc. They also sell various savoury things (see the Tamarind and Thyme review linked below for details). Kake has only tried the barfi, but it was good; fresh and tasty and less than a fiver for 500g. Sweets are sold by the kilo and half-kilo - not sure if they'll let you buy smaller quantities, but they do offer a selection box if you don't want that much of one type/flavour.

Accessibility: Step-free throughout.

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