Picture of Pizza Express, SE1 9QQ

Pizza Express, SE1 9QQ

A branch of the chain of pizza restaurants, near London Bridge Station.

Bec wouldn't normally think of reviewing a chain place like Pizza Express, except that going here was the weirdest dining experience in recent memory. Sean ordered some chicken pizza I can't remember and I had the Giardiniera which had asparagus, artichokes, mushrooms, red peppers and santos tomatos on a sauce of tomato and pesto.

I asked for the pizza to be without mushrooms and when it arrived, I cut into it to find a mushroom slice. I have a real fear and loathing of mushroom so I asked for it be taken away. The server took the pizza and there was a little conference over it, then she returned it and said 'that's an artichoke'. Now, I'm not exactly a rocket scientist but I assure you I can tell the difference between a mushroom and an artichoke. So I cut further into the pizza and lo and behold, more mushrooms.

They did fast-track my non-mushroom pizza but I wasn't overly impressed. Also, we were sitting right next the fridge with all the beverages and Sean had to ask at least three times for another fizzy pop even though it was right there.

Finally, as the server took away our empty dishes, Sean was sure he heard her say 'All finished? Well done, guys!' Er, thanks mum, now can we have pudding? In fact we did have pudding, Chocolate Glory, a vanilla ice-cream brownie sundae with chocolate gloop and chocolate pieces.

Good food, bizarre service, fairly cheap, basic chain decor and menu.

Getting here: The entrance is at the end of a little open walkway leading off Borough High Street (the road that runs over London Bridge) near the bus stop, just to the north of the Barrowboy and Banker pub, overlooking Montague Close. Follow the arrow pointing to Bridge House.
Last visited by Bec and Sean, 9 November 2007. Opening hours taken from Pizza Express website, April 2008.
OS X co-ord: 532744 OS Y co-ord: 180318 (Latitude: 51.506213 Longitude: -0.088697)
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